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IT Consultation: Design/Utilization Support of data formats

We offer consulting on designing data formats to be used within corporates and industries based on industry standard data formats including XML, JSON and RDF, creation of guidelines, provision of training and operational support.

We so far have various experiences in designing XML data for open data used by administrative agencies, document format for manuals, messages exchanged between financial institutions, and application format for new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.


IT Training: Planning, development of training materials, and implementation of technical seminars

We offer a comprehensive set of IT training services that cover RPA products including UiPath, data description language such as XML, and DTP software. Such services include planning of various IT related training seminars, development of training materials and dispatching of instructors.


Research: Research of the latest technical trend in academic/industrial fields

We perform research and produce reports on the latest technical trend of data trading, document processing, big-data analysis and AI. We perform research through literatures and on-site interview to both domestic and overseas organizations to produce materials that would serve as the foundation of clients’ future business planning.


Development of Translation Systems: Development and implementation of translation software, and provision of operational support

We support development of translation process using translation support tools such as Trados and Memsource, and provide consultation on development and implementation of systems together with operational support.


HR Development: Provision of support for human resource development in companies and schools

We develop educational contents and provide consultation on technical human resource development including career enhancement training at companies and IT related classes at schools.


Technical translation/publication: Translation of technical documents in multiple languages

We perform technical translation of IT related materials in multiple languages.