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RPA-related Consulting: Business analysis, Tool usage training

In order to adopt RPA successfully, it is crucial to analyse day-to day business in a company or organization, classify how targeted documents and data are processed and distinguish tasks which can be carried out automatically as routine operations by the computer from ones which require human judgment.

We support your RPA adoption comprehensively by providing services such as business analysis, development of operational plan and tool usage training.


New Book: "UiPath Practical Guide" Just Published!

"UiPath Practical Guide"(UiPath Jitsuyou Nyumon) has just been published from Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd. in June, 2021.
UiPath is a superior RPA tool with which you can easily and visually program sequential operation (workflow) people perform on the PC.
In order to acquire programming skills of UiPath, this book set a purpose to acquire workflow development skills through UiPath programming experience of actually moving your hands based on a policy "Get used to it rather than learn".
Sample files can be downloaded from the support page for this book on the site of Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.


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