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The president's recent achievements.

2021General incorporated association G
2021Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
2021Telecommunications company F
  • Conducted "Research and design of healthcare data" for the purpose of developing the mechanism of distributing PHR (Personal Health Record).
2021Financial Accounting Information Processing Company A
  • Wrote the Project Plan Document for the company's new system development, while conducting a consultation for applicable latest technologies.
2021Consulting company H
  • Conducted a training for sales representatives in a member company of a telecommunications company group about "Cooperation with Data Scientists".
2020Telecommunications company's research institute E
  • Researched activities of standards development organizations such as ISO/IEC, OneM2M and ITU-T in terms of personal data processing, conducted trend survey of domestic and foreign projects about technical implementation of personal data processing and proposed APIs for implementationin in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)'s project "Research of international standardization activities and promotion of personal data distribution for accelerating Digital Transformation (DX)"
2020Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
2019Financial Accounting Information Processing Company A
  • Provided consultation on developing a system for translation tasks for IR-related materials.
2019Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Supported aggregation of research results on "Self-Regulated Learning".
2019Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
2018Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
  • Participated in the discussion group of IMI Common Vocabulary Framework, and involved in the preparation of international proposal of definition notation for the vocabularies. Performed research on the evaluation model of public services developed by European Commission as a reference material for the discussion of evaluation method of data inter-operability.
2017Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
  • Participated in the discussion group of IMI Common Vocabulary Framework, in charge of development of the following two technical standards (released on 23rd of March, 2018).
    1) "Notation of defining character sets"
    2) "Notation of guidelines on available characters".
2016Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)
  • In charge of defining XML schema in the deliberation of XML for documents attached to medical pharmaceuticals.
2015IT Solution Company B
2014~2015IT Solution Company C
  • For a Japanese mega bank D, in accord with the start of ISO20022-compliant exchanges of financial information both domestically and internationally, provided consultation on operation of inter-bank Web services including formulation of naming rules of XML messages.
2010Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Provided advices for the development of e-portfolio system for laboratories in graduate education.
2010IT Solution Company B
  • Prepared a report for "The Research into The Capability of Systems to Achieve Open Government" led by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
  • Prepared a report for "The Research into The Capability of Systems to Achieve Open Government: Second Term" led by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.
2008Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Selected for the public offering project, “Technical Research on the Utilization of Telecommunications in Architecture Inspection”, and performed a research on applicability of electronic verification framework, between design offices and the designated inspection institution, for architecture inspection application tasks.