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Technology, Action, and Passion


Our corporate vision/philosophy is to conduct activities that contribute to the world through "Technology, Action, and Passion".


"Technology" is a tool to bring changes into the world. "Action" is a driving force to leverage the tool. And "Passion" of people is what vigorously promotes such environment.


What do we aim to achieve through them?


Individuals cannot turn away, as members of a global family, from the various problems such as life-threatening global warming and natural disasters including earthquake and typhoon, and economic disparity apparent in all over the world that our society is experiencing. Each one is obliged to grapple with these problems in some way.


We, under such circumstance, are determined to contribute to the happiness of people in the world by leveraging "Technologies" we fostered through our activities so far.


In achieving the earlier mentioned objectives, we must discover the issues that the world is yet to realize, analyze such issues, and propose solutions. We are required to discover such issues in the businesses with clients and to make relevant actions.


We, therefore, commit our "Passion" in the field of information processing technology where we expertise to achieve results that make clients happy. This clarifies the significance of existence of technical consulting that we offer.


Strengthened by clients’ happiness, we are always alert to the needs of clients and the world's needs to new technologies, and keep challenging newly encountered issues with boldness to carry out tasks that contribute to the benefits and happiness of all people in the world. We are committed to bring this happen by our "Technology", "Action", and "Passion".