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Thank you for choosing TJ Research.


I have been engaged in IT industry for considerable years since computer was called "calculator" and it was used only by specialists, and have observed it evolve into an infrastructure or a tool vital for everyone's life by the spread of the current Internet and smartphone technologies.


While our society is experiencing changes by evolutional technologies such as AI, Big Data and Deep Learning, I have been involved in various technical standardization activities including ISO (International Standardization Organization). Participation in such activities made me realize that boarder-less global cooperation and collaboration are vital to produce new technologies to change the world.


Cooperation generated through mutual understanding is what changes the world, not win-lose competition. Although functionality of head, face, torso, hand and leg differ, one can live when each part plays its role and cooperate. Likewise, although each company in the world differs in terms of type and scale of business, they can bring an impact to the world when they come up together and play each role.


We are determined to engage in business with you always bearing in mind what role we must play to contribute to the society. My earnest desire upon starting up of our company is to contribute to creation of new technologies and to share happiness with all of you.


I ask for your understanding in our activities and appreciate for your generous support in advance.


TJ Research, Inc.
OKUI Yasuhiro (Yasu OKUI)